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We Need You to See What We See

We Need You to See What We See!

I don’t remember when I learned to hate my body, and I don’t remember when I committed to becoming friends with this skin and these bones of mine and begin to love myself, but I know one happened much too early and the other came much later than it should have. In between came a slew of poor decisions, and just as many triumphs, the birth of two amazing humans and many, many efforts to see my body as strong and beautiful.

Over the past several years, I’ve made a commitment to treating my body with the same compassion I show my very closest friends: I see flaws and love it still, knowing we’re in it for the long haul. This is where the idea for body-positive boudoir sessions started. Learning to love myself.

This is what we want from all our beautifully imperfectly perfect dames! We want you to “See Yourself as We See You!” “See What We See!”

You, creeping toward 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80. You, a married mother of two or three. You, in your skin that has grown babies and bears the marks of doing so. You, divorced, widowed, former SHOWING YOUR “Badges of Honor” from abuse, illness and more. You, in your body, riding the roller coaster of self-esteem, garnering catcalls and criticism alike, existing in an almost endless struggle of loving yourself and your body. You, BELIEVING in you!

“We need you to see what we see!”

“See yourself through our lens.”

I know I want my children and even my grandchildren to know my life and to see that I believe in myself, no matter what life throws at me. Women and mothers can be sensual, seductive and strong and simultaneously caring, soft and nurturing. When my children see a bold, brilliant and empowered woman in a photo, I want them to see their mother and realize that she not past tense, she’s the present.

I’ve found who I need to be as a woman, mother, grandmother and business owner in order to feel balanced and grounded. I’m less about faking it and more about loving where I’m at, and many of the women and clients in my life have walked with me in this evolution and feel the same way about themselves. A body positive boudoir photo session is a great start to embracing self-love, laughing about our flaws, owning our baggage and empowering ourselves.

Those 30-60 minutes you spend being photographed by two fellow mothers, being seen for all the pieces of you, without you needing to apologize for your sexiness, those 60 minutes of being celebrated as a beautiful, sexy and empowered women will change your life! What we see through our lens during your session is something that we love to see! We get to see a woman emerge from her cocoon and turn into a butterfly before our very eyes! We help women strive toward knowing themselves as sexy and fierce, vulnerable and strong, exposed and beautiful and we are blessed to do this on a daily basis.


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