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See what some of our beautiful friends have said about us! 

From Carla...

I have done photos with Studio G twice. It is such an amazing experience. To be pampered with the hair, makeup, and eyelashes is so relaxing. Then on to the studio. Tammie and Denee make the experience so much fun and the laughs are never ending. Once you see those pictures, you see yourself through a different set of eyes than your own. No flaws, no faults, just your own true beauty. This is an experience every woman should see herself through. Because the beauty that you are is real and these wonderful ladies help you see her.

From Jamie...

My experience was several years ago after I’d been left for another woman and gone through a terrible divorce after a 20 year marriage in Colorado. I suffered from low self-esteem and guilt that I’d failed my children. I met a wonderful man who’d gone through a similar experience and we were planning a future together so I did the photo shoot as a surprise. Life dealt me another blow as he was taken from me with a sudden stroke. Although I’d originally done them as a gift, I found that I was empowered by them and I discovered a newfound strength and confidence when I looked at them. I felt like I was destined to live my life out alone but God stood with me and my faith in His perfect timing carried me through some dark times. After moving back to my home state (an Okie through and through), I was blessed with my husband who loves every inch of me. Although he also enjoys those pictures, it turns out that the gift was one I gave myself and I’ll never regret them. Tammie is a master and I encourage every woman to do a shoot at least once…it’s fun and very freeing!

Kaylene says....

Tammie, I wanted one more chance to say thank you for working with me last Saturday and how much fun I had being silly and being able to step out of my own skin for a little bit. And I want to encourage other women to step out of their comfort zone and JUST DO IT!


So, ladies, if you have not checked out what she {Tammie] does you are truly missing out on an experience that you soon won’t forget, I have been going to Tammie and Studio G for I would say for 6 to 7 years now and each time I am so impressed with her and her skills.


She brings professionalism and fun to the shoots [photo experiences] plus they offer professional hair and make-up, everything is beautifully done and soft and the shoot [experience] allows you to express whatever you feel at that moment.


I will tell you that I have had several "Me Therapy" sessions [experiences] with her over the years, yes that is what I call it, my "Me Therapy", my chance to be pampered a bit and have fun doing something I normally would not try. My very first session I was so scared that I was stiff and rigid and even though the pictures were nice they didn’t convey what I wanted them to say about me.


I went back again after losing quite a bit of weight and told her what I wanted to do, and she worked it all into the photo shoot [experience] and again, I was able to have fun with the set and my newfound confidence in myself. These were amazing photos, but I still couldn’t see 'that me' I was looking for in these experiences or the one I felt was me.


Flash forward and along comes a huge shoulder surgery and covid and all the things that it has brought to my body’s self-worth and confidence because of being isolated for so long. I reached out to Tammie wanting to do something different for my "Me Therapy" and to be honest I knew what my body looked like and it was no shock to me that I had put on weight, but once you are there It is so totally different and you are not body shamed or made to feel anything different than beautiful, as we all should feel, I have lots of scars and issues from years ago but that all goes away once you are in whatever it is that you wish to wear or the theme you are trying to convey. Tammie works her magic to make sure that you feel comfortable in whatever story you are trying to convey, and the makeup work she does is outstanding.


I have always felt like I was from the 20’s, you know that beautiful era of pearls, lace, bead work and mobster fun, so I explained what I wanted to do, and Tammie ran with it and well, this shoot [experience] was amazing! I enjoyed every bit of it with her, but what I did not expect was that I would find the one photo that haunts me, but in a good way. It had the "WOW" factor! All the photos were beautiful and could not be happier with them and I had such a hard time deciding which one’s I liked more.


When Tammie was doing her edits on Sunday, she sent me a few sneak peeks to look at and "wow factor" image stopped me cold and brought me to tears. In that one moment, I saw that one photo that made me feel so beautiful for the first time! I could see the beautiful woman I had been looking for and wanting to see for myself. It wasn't just a beautiful photo of me but one that shows me the beauty I have felt inside and could not see for myself when I looked in the mirror. That image will forever be a part of me! My eyes and face were so beautifully captured along with the bit of sass as that is what I was trying to convey about me. I am finally able to see "that woman" in that one image without photoshopping or anything, it’s just me, my eyes and face, JUST ME and I am beautiful! I am ENOUGH!


Ladies, I know it is scary to think about doing something like this, but you can wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable. There are different sets to choose from and pricing is spot on with any budget! Just GO and experience that empowerment as a woman. Tammie can help you find what you may have lost, or like me, help you to finally see that beautiful person on the outside that I felt I was on the inside.

I did this for me, but it is coming at a time of an anniversary, so can’t wait to share them.

Cara says...

They’re better than therapy.” As one client recalls after seeing the final images from her shoot: “ I was at a conference giving a presentation on body positivity, which was ironic considering my own history with low physical self-esteem. When I saw the pictures, I immediately thought I had been mistakenly sent someone else’s images. I couldn’t believe that the gorgeous woman with the stunning eyes and the curvy body was me! For the first time, I looked at a picture of myself and didn’t immediately pick out the flaws.” 

From Chrystal

I have to say that the Imperfectly Perfect Dames changed my life in so many ways!! I came to you ladies in all different shapes and sizes. And I can honestly say that each and every time I walked away feeling beautiful, strong, and so proud to be the woman I am and continue to be.

The ladies and yourself do an amazing job. I am and will continue to be a very loyal customer and I will tell any and all women to go and experience it because you guys ROCK!!!!

Thank you!
A Loyal Pin-up Dame Customer

From  Juanita

I decided to do this for my husband for our 32nd wedding anniversary. I had 1940's glamour girl pictures in a black sequin evening gown, Navy sweetheart in jeans & camisole wearing my husband's cover & class ring, & a risqué shot covered with only a Navy sweetheart pillowcase wearing red heals & his Navy cover. I was quite nervous about the entire event but soon relaxed & enjoyed the session. The evening gown pictures were posted on FB & the comments were wonderful. My husband nearly had a heart attack when he found the photos of me & the pillowcase!! He knew that I was up to something because I don't go to Pauls Valley. I lied & told him that I was meeting one of the women that I had taught with. 

Tammie & Ellen made me feel like a beautiful woman & helped me calm down. I want to do this again. If you're thinking about having your pin up pictures done, do it. It will be a great experience & you will be renewed every time you see your pictures.​

From Ashley  

I had lost hope and confidence in my looks and body shape. I started wearing baggy clothes to try to cover myself up and quit trying to fix my hair and makeup. I had just totally let myself go. But for some reason decided on a photo shoot at The Pin-Up Dames. After I got over the nervousness, I loved every minute of my experience. Tammie and her gang made me feel very beautiful! Boosted my self-esteem again. My pics turned out amazing! And I will be back for sure!!!



I was slightly nervous when I entered the studio...  But I was ready to rock my pictures with the Imperfectly Perfect Dames!  The whole experience was amazing. The hair and makeup was great, Tammie made me feel really relaxed, the available detail pieces (jewelry, scarves, etc.) were awesome, I had a lot of fun, and I felt really confident the whole time. Overall it was the best thing I've done for myself in a long time. I kept telling myself to wait until I dropped some weight... I'm SO glad that I didn't listen to that little voice inside of me. I will certainly be back for another session!  My confidence is through the roof and my husband even said I looked "very Betty Page!"  That's one of the best compliments I've ever received! Plus I looked at the picture and I could see it too. So if you're debating with yourself, thinking you might have fun, or even just need a confidence boost my advice is to book a session!!  Celebrate yourself and do it now!

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