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Behind the Lens with Tammie

I'm not beautiful like you, I am beautiful like ME!  That is what makes me unique!  Be beautiful like YOU!!!

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Things to Bring to your Session

We want all our Beautiful Ladies to have a unique experience.


Not sure what to bring for your photo shoot? Here are some basics to remember and some ideas to inspire you! Important items are in bold. 


What should you bring to your session?


Any clothing that makes you feel sexy and any props with sentimental value, like your favorite teddy bear or your guitar. Call us 405.331.9996 for more information on what props and costumes are available at the studio. 


Be sure to bring your own bra and panties and some high heels! 


Polished Nails/Toenails complete the look.


Things to Bring



*High heels 


Additional Items you might like to bring (we have a lot of these items)



*Stockings (no plastic at the top)




*Oversized Sweater

*Oversized Mens Shirt


*Hair accessories (bows, flowers, feathers, headbands, etc.)



*Cars/Motorcycles/Pets (additional fee will apply)


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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