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A Love Note about "Me Therapy" by Kaylene B

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Tammie, I wanted one more chance to say thank you for working with me last Saturday and how much fun I had being silly and being able to step out of my own skin for a little bit. And I want to encourage other women to step out of their comfort zone and JUST DO IT!

So, ladies, if you have not checked out what she {Tammie] does you are truly missing out on an experience that you soon won’t forget, I have been going to Tammie and Studio G for I would say for 6 to 7 years now and each time I am so impressed with her and her skills.

She brings professionalism and fun to the shoots [photo experiences] plus they offer professional hair and make-up, everything is beautifully done and soft and the shoot [experience] allows you to express whatever you feel at that moment.

I will tell you that I have had several "Me Therapy" sessions [experiences] with her over the years, yes that is what I call it, my "Me Therapy", my chance to be pampered a bit and have fun doing something I normally would not try. My very first session I was so scared that I was stiff and rigid and even though the pictures were nice they didn’t convey what I wanted them to say about me.

I went back again after losing quite a bit of weight and told her what I wanted to do and she worked it all into the photo shoot [experience] and again, I was able to have fun with the set and my new found confidence in myself. These were amazing photos, but I still couldn’t see 'that me' I was looking for in these experiences or the one I felt was me.

Flash forward and along comes a huge shoulder surgery and covid and all the things that it has brought to my body’s self-worth and confidence because of being isolated for so long. I reached out to Tammie wanting to do something different for my "Me Therapy" and to be honest I knew what my body looked like and it was no shock to me that I had put on weight, but once you are there It is so totally different and you are not body shamed or made to feel anything different than beautiful, as we all should feel, I have lots of scars and issues from years ago but that all goes away once you are in whatever it is that you wish to wear or the theme you are trying to convey. Tammie works her magic to make sure that you feel comfortable in whatever story you are trying to convey, and the makeup work she does is outstanding.

I have always felt like I was from the 20’s, you know that beautiful era of pearls, lace, bead work and mobster fun, so I explained what I wanted to do, and Tammie ran with it and well, this shoot [experience] was amazing! I enjoyed every bit of it with her, but what I did not expect was that I would find the one photo that haunts me, but in a good way. It had the "WOW" factor! All the photos were beautiful and could not be happier with them and I had such a hard time deciding which one’s I liked more.

When Tammie was doing her edits on Sunday, she sent me a few sneak peeks to look at and "wow factor" image stopped me cold and brought me to tears. In that one moment, I saw that one photo that made me feel so beautiful for the first time! I could see the beautiful woman I had been looking for and wanting to see for myself. It wasn't just a beautiful photo of me but one that shows me the beauty I have felt inside and could not see for myself when I looked in the mirror. That image will forever be a part of me! My eyes and face were so beautifully captured along with the bit of sass as that is what I was trying to convey about me. I am finally able to see "that woman" in that one image without photoshopping or anything, it’s just me, my eyes and face, JUST ME and I am beautiful! I am ENOUGH!

Ladies, I know it is scary to think about doing something like this, but you can wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable. There are different sets to choose from and pricing is spot on with any budget! Just GO and experience that empowerment as a woman. Tammie can help you find what you may have lost, or like me, help you to finally see that beautiful person on the outside that I felt I was on the inside.

I did this for me, but it is coming at a time of an anniversary, so can’t wait to share them. Kaylene

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