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We are Imperfectly Perfect


Contact: Tammie Riddle, owner/photographer | Denee Mauldin, owner/stylist

Imperfectly Perfect Dames in Pauls Valley

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Have You Heard the News?

It’s official! The Pin-Up Dames are closing on March 31, 2017! “Wait!” “What?” “Yes, it’s true …. but not really!

Don’t panic! We will re-open, relaunch and be rebranded as Imperfectly Perfect Dames beginning April 1, 2017. Any reservation fees and appointments with The Pin-Up Dames will still be honored.

Beginning April 1, 2017 business partners, Tammie Riddle and Denee Mauldin will launch the Imperfectly Perfect Dames, specializing in Photo Therapy for women, Personal and Business Coaching, Positive Body Image Workshops and One on One Mentoring. Imperfectly Perfect Dames is the brainchild of Tammie Riddle and Denee Mauldin. ”Our goal is to remind ourselves and others daily that YOU ARE ENOUGH/WE ARE ENOUGH! We were all created to do and to be GREAT THINGS through Christ! Settling for less is in direct conflict with God's perfect design for us.” Tammie said, “many ladies have come through our doors over the years and we had to opportunity to minister to these ladies and help them begin a healing process of loving themselves and seeing themselves as a true child of God, thus a ministry and calling to help others was born.”

According to Tammie and Denee, they felt the need to rebrand the business to allow them to expand upon what they were already doing with The Pin-Up Dames. As Imperfectly Perfect Dames the doors are wide open for growth and expansion of their ministry. Their signature Photo Therapy program will remain as a mainstay of Imperfectly Perfect. They also plan to begin holding workshops, seminars and retreats soon, as well as one on one mentorships.

The Mission of Imperfectly Perfect Dames is about reaching others through unconditional love and acceptance to teach them that "they are enough", by allowing God to turn our deepest pain and sorrows into a launching pad of self-love and confidence. We are all Imperfectly Perfect! WE ARE ENOUGH!

Imperfect = I'M PERFECT

The Vision of Imperfectly Perfect is to remember that today is a new day! Learn to love your life and yourself, RIGHT NOW, where you are, as you are!

Say, "I am enough! I am a child of God! I am imperfectly perfect!"

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