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Using Portrait Therapy to Boost Self Esteem

Using Portrait Therapy to Boost Self Esteem

A professional photo experience with Tammie Riddle-Godfrey at The Pin-Up Dames is all about embracing the beautiful woman you are, just the way you are. Every woman, no matter their size, shape or age deserves to feel beautiful, sexy, confident and empowered. That is what The Pin-Up Dames are all about. They call it “portrait therapy”, because many clients have said that a session with them is better than any medicine. The mission of The Pin-Up Dames is to empower and build up women through portrait therapy. Their vision is for women to learn to love themselves as they are and for who they are. And the goal of The Pin-Up Dames is to improve the self-esteem and self-confidence of women through Portrait Therapy and to teach them to accept the beautiful woman they are during their professional photo session.

Tammie said, “I am asked daily if I can take away this or that, can you make me skinny, remove 20 lbs, remove the hail dents and stretch marks and the list goes on and on. My typical response is, ‘yes, I can, but I won’t’. I will ‘polish you, but not change you’. You are beautiful just the way you are. No one has a perfect body, no one loves themselves 100%. I talk to ladies daily and no matter their size or shape, there is something about them that they don’t like. Society and Hollywood have made it even harder for women to love who we are, as we are. As women, we give so much of ourselves to everyone; our spouses, boyfriends, children, jobs and much more, that we leave little time for ourselves and feel guilty when we do something for “us”. I want to change that! I want to give all ladies a chance to LOVE and EMPOWER themselves.”

You may not have considered this, but portrait photography through boudoir and pinup photo experiences can also boost your self-esteem. Boudoir photography is a collection of tasteful, classy, intimate photos of a woman, typically given to a loved one such as a spouse. Doing a boudoir session is empowering and will surely boost your confidence. Wanting to be photographed in an intimate, beautiful way is a positive, confidence boosting experience you'll never regret doing.

Everyone is nervous and no one is a supermodel! A perfect boudoir session candidate is just like you - perfect in your own way. Body shapes, no matter what type, look amazing when they are photographed by a professional who is an expert in posing. And honestly lots of curves look amazing on camera when photographed from the right angles and lighting!

The Pin-Up Dames is proud to say that they have had clients come from all over the United States! From New York to California, ladies have come for the “Experience” of being a Dame! Though they have a reputation for photographing “curvier” women, The Pin-Up Dames photograph women of all sizes, shapes and ages. Women from all walks of life have come in for “portrait therapy” with The Pin-Up Dames. From the preacher’s wife to the abused wife, from the addict to the recovering addict, they have come. Cancer survivors, clients with colostomy bags, ladies who want to lose weight and more have come to The Pin-Up Dames to celebrate who they are right now! No longer victims but empowered survivors, who proudly wear their scars, their “badges of courage”.

Women of all sizes, shapes, and careers can do a boudoir session! Mothers, single women, you name it! Your session is shaped by you. The Pin-Up Dames are women who are inspiring other women around them by living a positive, vibrant life. They are fearless women who have chosen to work toward achieving a positive relationship with their body, even though they know that it is not an easy task. These women have great strength, passion, and dreams. They lift others up and do not judge other women. They recognize that there is a need to change the views of society by recognizing that EVERY body is a beautiful body, and that everyone is their own kind of beautiful. You are beautiful like YOU and no one else!

EveryBODY can be a Dame!

Contact: Tammie Riddle-Godfrey, owner/photographer

The Pin-Up Dames in Pauls Valley

405.331.9996 |

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