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Intimate Photography for Women

The Pin-Up Dames, Photography for Women

…behind the lens with Tammie

A photo session with me at The Pin-Up Dames is all about embracing the beautiful woman you are, just the way you are. Every woman, no matter their size, shape or age deserves to feel beautiful, sexy, confident and empowered. That is what we are all about at The Pin-Up Dames. Some call it “photo therapy” and say a session with us is better than any medicine. Our goal is to improve your self-esteem by an average of 46% to as much as 90% during a session with The Pin-Up Dames.

I am asked daily if I can “take away” this or that, “can you make me skinny, remove 20 lbs?”, “remove the hail dents and stretch marks?” the list goes on and on. My typical response is, “yes, I can, but I won’t”. I will “polish you, but not change you”. You are beautiful just the way you are. No one has a perfect body, no one loves themselves 100%. I talk to ladies daily and no matter their size or shape, there is something about them that they don’t like. Society and Hollywood have made it even harder for us to “love who we are, as we are”. I want to change that! I want to give all ladies a chance to LOVE and EMPOWER themselves.

As women, we give so much of ourselves to everyone; our spouses, boyfriends, children, jobs and much more, that we leave little time for ourselves and feel guilty when we do something for “us”. I want to change that! When I opened my photography studio in 2007, I wanted to have a place where ladies could go and feel like a supermodel for a day! This was a new concept in 2007 and I met a lot of roadblocks on my way to becoming The Pin-Up Dames. But I had a vision and a mission. My vision was and still is “for women to love and embrace themselves as they are”. And my mission is “Empowering women through photo therapy.” There is nothing sexier than an empowered woman, confident in her own skin.

“I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well.”

Psalm 139:14

Most of us dreamed of becoming a supermodel and even a Hollywood Starlet when we were young girls, and The Pin-Up Dames is making a way for ladies to fulfill those dreams. YOU can “Be your own Supermodel”, if only for one day! “It's time to celebrate being a woman! Time to immortalize every inch of your beauty and your curves with a photo session that is all about YOU! It's time to celebrate you, your curves, your ‘badges of courage’ and embrace who you are right now! ” B your own kind of beautiful!

We believe women are beautiful BEFORE we photograph them. We also understand that it is difficult to imagine your own makeover. Our dream is to show you, without a doubt, how beautiful you are RIGHT NOW! UNRETOUCHED! Though we “polish” our ladies, we DO NOT change them. Clients are more than welcome to make requests, but we do not retouch to specifications. We are all about “learning to love yourself”.

We have had ladies come from all over the United States to have a photo session with us. It is very humbling to be sought out. We love to see the transformation take place during your session. When the realization hits you that “YOU ARE SEXY, BEAUTIFUL, CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED” we know that we are right where God intended for us to be.

Feeling very blessed working with beautiful ladies.


Tammie Riddle-Godfrey


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