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Embrace Your Beauty and Celebrate YOU!

Boudoir photography is a growing trend, and with good reason. Women of all shapes and sizes get to play dress up (or down) for a day and really embrace their own beauty! Recently I've had several different older women mention to me that they wished this type of photography was more popular when they were younger, because they would have done it in a heartbeat looking back.

I've always asked why, and each woman has had a response similar to one I received from a woman around 85 years old "I wish I had gotten pictures that showed just how beautiful and sexy I was!" Although it's funny to think of in that way, that sweet woman had a great point.

Even if you're not concerned about looking back and remembering just how gorgeous you were in your youth, these photo shoots can be a lot of fun. There are few women I've met in my life who haven't (at least secretly) hoped to someday become a famous model. Though most of us have selected different career paths, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to bring out your inner model and try out those poses you practice in the mirror with a photographer instead!

The pictures that come from a boudoir photography session are also great to give as gifts! Obviously you'd probably be a bit more selective with who you'll be sharing these images with, but the vast majority of my requests for these shoots come from women who want to surprise their significant other with some fun and sexy pictures! I'll take this as a chance to note that I haven't heard anything from these photo gift recipients other than "THANK YOU!".

Regardless of your age, shape and size, you can have fun with a boudoir session, and the right photographer will ease your nerves and help you capture beautiful images you'll love to look back on years later!

Just try it out, find your inner goddess and vixen!

Call Tammie at The Pin-Up Dames today!


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