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EveryBODY can be a Siren and a Dame!

EveryBODY can be a Siren and a Dame with The Pin-Up Dames Photography by Tammie

Sirens and Dames from The Pin-Up Dames are women who are inspiring other women around them by living a positive, vibrant life. They are fearless women who have chosen to work toward achieving a positive relationship with their body, even though they know that it is not an easy task. These women have great strength, passion, and dreams. They lift others up and do not judge other women. They recognize that there is a need to change the views of society by recognizing that EVERY body is a beautiful body, and that everyone is their own kind of beautiful. You are beautiful like YOU and no one else!

Sirens and Dames was something I came up with because I wanted to create a community of women that would be a supportive network for each other in case they couldn’t get that support anywhere else. All of these women have their own powerful stories and most have come in for their own boudoir or pinup sessions that ultimately changed their lives in big and small ways. These sessions helped them to own their awesomeness and continue in life with new (or renewed!) confidence, fierceness and empowerment.

Becoming a Siren and Dame does not mean achieving a certain size, shape, or age, but rather it is about owning up to your responsibility as a woman to change the way you view yourself, recognizing your strengths and attributes instead of bashing your beautiful body. While achieving Siren and Dame “Status” might mean having your boudoir or pinup session done with The Pin-Up Dames Photography by Tammie, any woman can be a Siren or Dame. Any woman who desires to be fearless, confident, empowered and encourages other women in the most positive and judgement-free way can consider herself to be an honorary Siren or Dame.

So, are you ready to join other Sirens & Dames in your adventure to self-love and empowerment?

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