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We have something you CANNOT live without!

It's time to celebrate being a woman - it's time to celebrate YOU! Studio G Boudoir is inviting you to immortalize every inch of your beauty and your curves with a special portrait session that may be designed for the special "someone" in your life....but is really all about YOU!

The Ultimate Boudoir Experience from Studio G Boudoir & Beauty is an empowering and liberating confidence boost. It's the perfect way to suspend this time in your life with tasteful and sexy images. The bonus, of course, is the ultimate gift of YOU for someone special in your life!


Tammie (that's ME!) will provide you with an experience that you will never forget and all women should have at least once in her life. With her years of experience, Tammie has a knack for putting her clients at ease, encouraging them to relax and helping them feel confident and empowered. While our clients may feel nervous as they step out of their comfort zone and in to the "boudoir" (French for bedroom) Tammie and her team will work with you to sooth those fears and achieve amazing results.

You may be asking yourself what it is that you cannot live without....

In my opinion you can't live without experiencing one of our Amazing Photo Experiences at least ONCE in your life, however, we are giving away two free gifts AND another bonus gift just for submitting the form on this page.  

We promise that we aren't creepy stalkers and we will not spam you of your sale your email address.

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