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Boudie Bank

Photo Session Experience & Print Collection Investment 

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What is the Boudie Bank?

The Boudie Bank is an amazing way to save up for your boudoir products in a way that doesn’t break the bank! Boudie Bank allows you to easily set aside funds to use toward the purchase of your gorgeous boudoir images and products. While we do offer generous layaway plans, we can’t ship your products until your final payment has been made. Having dollars waiting for you in your Boudie Bank allows you to pay for your dream boudoir collection faster, which means you receive your products faster!

Much like our layaway program but done BEFORE your session! You will pick the collection/products you love and start making payments towards that prior to your shoot so the only thing you have left to do the day of is to have an amazingly sexy and sultry session! We see this becoming a client favorite as they will love not having to worry about waiting longer for their portraits and having the luxury of not needing to put anything down at their private viewing session unless they want to add more.

This is a super easy and flexible plan! You can determine what you’d like to purchase, figure out your deposit/downpayment to start the payment plan (minimum downpayment of $50) and then choose how long you’d like the plan to be (3, 6 or 9 months)!


*PRO TIP*: The more you put down for your deposit, the less you must pay monthly!


Contact us to set up your Boudie Bank


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